The MYC Sailing Program is designed to meet the needs of all of those (young and old) that have the desire to sail, enhance their sailing skills to a new level and to enjoy the fun, competition, friendship and camaraderie that comes from belonging to one of the finest sailing programs on Cape Cod.

Mission Statement: The Megansett Yacht Club Sailing Program seeks to instill in its students the joys and skills of sailing by providing quality instruction, information, safety and encouragement at all levels. Students who complete all levels of the program will understand the fundamentals of sailing theory, demonstrate proficiency in handling a small sailboat in various conditions including the fun of racing and be aware of the safety issues surrounding boating.

Classes: The sailing program has many different classes suited for each age and ability level. If you are unsure which class is best for your child, please speak with one of the instructors.

To enroll or if you have any additional questions please contact the MYC Sailing School by using our sailing inquiry contact form.

Sailing Classes


This is the first level of training class. Designed for younger kids 5-9 years old. Typically setting is four (4) young kids in a boat with an instructor learning the basics.

Opti 1

Our morning session of the opti class. Conducted in the morning when the seas are more calm.  Each sailor is in their own boat with instructors navigating alongside.


Opti 2

This session is the same curriculum as Opti 1, but held in the afternoon when seas are slightly more aggressive.


420 1

This is the next is the next level of instruction. The 420 class is a larger boat than the opti. This class is sailed solo and the session is in the morning.


420 2

Same curriculum as 420 1 but again conducted in the afternoon.

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  • Sailors may take Opti and 420 simultaneously

  • Life jackets and sailing footwear is required of all sailors

  • A watch with a timer is required for Opti 2 and 420 sailors. (recommended for others)

  • Foul weather clothes are REQUIRED on rainy, windy or cooler days.

  • Class will be held regardless of weather. If the conditions are too bad to launch, alternative lessons will be held in the clubhouse area.