Megansett Yacht Club is a membership organization.

"The Megansett Yacht Club is a private non-for profit organization that operates under a charter where its primary mission was that the grounds and club facilities were established for the enjoyment and benefit for the Children of Megansett.   In keeping with the spirit of the charter the club is family oriented with the majority of the services and activities centered around children.   Club activities and facilities offer a sailing program, swimming lessons, movie nights and an art camp to name a few.  There are no dedicated dining facilities excluding a snack bar that is noted for its grilled cheese sandwiches and freeze pops.  


The club offers a single membership type classified as a "Full Membership" that includes the member and their immediate family with limited guest privileges.   The club seeks to be a resource for the Megansett community and as such has annually sponsored the 4th of July Parade and conducts and open house offering participation to anyone on that day and provides refreshments and full access to the facilities for all residents of North Falmouth and beyond.    Parties interested in membership are encouraged to seek out current members.   Only current members can initiate the membership application process.  All prospective membership candidates are shepherded through the process through a current member who sponsors the candidate.  


The Megansett Yacht Club has limited physical facilities and as such is limited in the number of membership opportunities.   There are no prerequisites or fees to submit an application although preference is given to residents of the Megansett community in keeping with the spirit of the charter of the club.    Currently, the club is at maximum capacity in accordance with the established club charter and health and safety regulations new member invitations are  based upon the resignation of existing club members.   As a contributor to the Megansett Community and its history we encourage all interested parties to reach out to current members to learn more about what MYC has to offer."


MYC Membership Committee